On the weekend of Nov 17/18,2018, St. Martin de Porres parishioners signed a Covenant for committing our parish to the organization, North County Churches Uniting for Racial Harmony and Justice (NCCU).

Dr. Rance Thompson, president of NCCU, from John Knox Presbyterean Church, visited St. Martin’s a couple of years ago to invite us to join in the efforts of NCCU.  Two years later, he and Dr. Barbara Thompson, vice-president of NCCU, came to welcome and thank us for committing to this organization. 

NCCU began 20 years ago as 19 area churches saw the need for drawing the residents together and to help relieve fears and anxieties of some residents with the changes occurring in North County.   At that time, they drew up the elements of the Ecumenical Covenant that express their goals of promoting racial understanding and social justice by providing positive activities in our area.   The nineteen churches made their commitment and NCCU was created.  Today there are almost 30 churches that are committed to NCCU, St. Martin’s being the eighth Catholic Church.

Following are the elements of the NCCU Covenant:

  • To become better informed about people of other races and cultures that we may overcome the fears and misconceptions that exist.
  • To consider how issues of racial prejudice and privilege affect our community.
  • To work to overcome the structures of our communities which are racist.
  • To work to erase the sins of racism and injustice wherever they exist in our communities.
  • To prayerfully heed Your (God’s) call to embrace people of all colors,  faiths, economic, and social backgrounds as our brothers and sisters.