Youth Group



Our youth group is currently made up of about 25 teens, ranging all the way from 7th grade to seniors in high school.  We meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays from 8-9:15 pm.  Besides our meetings, we also have at least one service or social activity per month.  A lot of months, we actually have one of each.  The teens have a lot of input into what gets scheduled for the year.

Some of our past service activities have included: leaf raking for the elderly/disabled, cookie baking for those that have lost loved ones, Living Stations, working at parish functions (such as Summerfest, Car Show, pancake breakfasts, or Munch and Movie Night), handing out bread on Thanksgiving, parents day out, Thanksgiving Day Meal delivery to the needy, canned food drive, and hosting Donut Sunday.  We also put on a trivia night fundraiser every February/March.

Some of our past social activities have included:  Movie/game nights, Eckert’s Bonfires, St. Louis Zoo, Demolition Ball, Ice Skating, Swim Party, Picnic at a park, Cardinals game, City Museum, Six Flags, Halloween Party, Roller Skating, Christmas Party, and Christmas Caroling.

Most importantly, over the past few years, we have really made our spiritual growth a priority.  Although Jesus is at the center of everything we do, we have implemented many activities that are designed to help the teens deepen their relationship with Jesus. In addition to having fellowship and just enjoying each other's company, we have a musician that sometimes comes to our meetings to let us spend part of the time worshiping through music.  We have speakers that will come occasionally to talk to us about a topic relative to teens today.  We have a youth Mass on the first Sunday of every month at 10:30 am.  We also have a deanery-wide XLT event (worship, adoration, prayer, Reconciliation, and fellowship with North County teens) on the first Thursday of every other month from 7-9 at St. Martins.  XLT events are open to all ages.  We also participate in the yearly Steubenville weekend retreat at Missouri State University, where St. Martin's youth spend the weekend worshiping God with about 3800 other youth from the midwest. 

Our group of teens are really the greatest.  They have a great time together and have formed friendships that I know they will hold onto long after they have moved on to college.  We hope all the 7th/8th graders and high schoolers out there will come and check out our group!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our Youth Ministers, Emily Will or James Stallings at [email protected].