Neighbor to Neighbor

At Saint Martin's we have an outreach ministry "Neighbor to Neighbor". Over the years many locals have benefitted from the kindness of our volunteers. 

Our Mission:  To reveal the loving, compassionate presence of God to one another in the ordinariness of our everyday lives through specific programs which:
  1. Enable our senior parishioners to continue to live safe, independent lives of high quality, in their own homes, for as long as possible.
  2. Enable any parishioner to maintain his/her accustomed quality of life during periods of high stress, illness, family crisis, etc.
 MINISTRIES AND HOW TO ACCESS THEM: Call the program coordinator for service that fits your needs.
This program provides help with minor household jobs such as:  Changing air conditioner and furnace filters; installing/changing batteries in smoke detectors; changing light bulbs; weatherizing; trimming bushes; doing yard work; cleaning gutters; washing a load or two of clothes, dusting/vacuuming, Computer help, carpentry (repairs), plumbing, exterminating (pest control), window washing.
Coordinator: Charlie Wiswall   Phone: 314-731-0933
This program provides an occasional meal(s) during times of extra individual/family stress, regardless of the reason.  During those times when you are weary and long to just "sit at the feet of Jesus" like Mary in the Gospel and become refreshed,  the volunteers from St. Martin's will be your Martha and prepare a warm meal to soothe you in body and spirit.
Coordinator: Barbara Krings     Phone: 314-731-1893
This program offers rides to church, medical appointments, grocery shopping, pharmacy pickups, and filling small grocery orders.
 Coordinator:  Linda Spencer      Phone: 314-731-0479

St Martins was recognized by the Hazelwood Community Enrichment Commission in 2016 for the wonderful work that the Neighbor to Neighbor group has done in the local community. 
City of Hazelwood Appreciation Letter to St. Martin de Porres Neighbor to Neighbor Ministry