Craft Group


We create a variety of crafts to be used at our annual Summer Fest, which is our annual major fund raiser.  Check the parish calendar for our next Craft building event.  We are always welcoming new volunteers/crafters of any skill level to join our group.  

For more information, please call the parish office at 314-895-1100 or contact Anne Frese at 314-691-5209

Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Craft Glue, Buttons, Hot Glue Gun Sticks, Fancy Buttons, New Pot Holders

  • Fleece scrapes, Fleece 2 yds+, Cotton batting, Quilt batting, Craft Foam Sheets, Felt

  • Cupcake Picks, Cupcake Toppers Cotton material, Moveable Eyes, Styrofoam Balls

  • Pipe Cleaners, Craft Kits, Glass Blocks, CD Holders, Egg Carton (foam), old cd's

  • Doll Hair, Keyrings Elastic, Old Fanny Packs, Gift Cards, Wiggle eyes, Beads

  •  Donations, gift cards to local craft stores, etc...